The Subtle Art of Not Thinking.


n effort which began to translate into success from June 2020, comes a full circle with the pre-launch of my third bookThe 99 Page Trilogy comes to a close with my third one, “The Subtle Art of Not Thinking.”The aim of the book is to improve one’s efficiency by incorporating processes in one’s day-to-day life, in such a manner that they shall become auto-incorporated in our work & lives, ever so that one need not to think about it, the processes shall become like reflex actions.Clarity precedes mastery and it’s impossible to create an outcome/goal/result that you can’t even see. The best businesses Dr. Sheetal Nair‘s worked with are so beautifully clear on where they’re going and what their brand stands for and the type of people, they want to populate their place. The most successful people know exactly what success means to them and what their mountains look like. Dr. Sheetal Nair has shortlisted 4 strategies which serve as the pillar to make one’s life more efficient, which are(a) Time boxing(b) Being True to Yourself(c) Control your Devices – Succeed in your goals(d) Choose Well – Choose NowThese four strategies will help you redefine efficacy & ensure that just like a chauffeur driver automatic vehicle your life to bounds through to the pre-set goals & objectives defined by you.Book your Order Today!!!

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