How to exit a Comfort Zone?


Whenever I am considering something that I have never done before, I prep myself mentally for what the scenario might look like after I’ve done it.

What are the possible outcomes & the roads that lead there. After that, it just becomes a probability problem & those are easy to solve.

My advice to: The shy introvert reading this, go & talk to 5 strangers today. Open up about yourself, talk about things that you are insecure about; give them a chance to show you that the world is not as morbid as you fear. Learn to Trust.

The over-energetic extrovert reading this, curl up with a book or some music, turn off your phone, go for a solo hike & experience the magic of solitude. Learn to reflect.

The adult who has always tried to appear grim perfect at everything, let that inner child out; laugh till your stomach hurts. Learn to be as happy as a child.

The pampered kid who is reading this; do some chores around the house & surprise your family with a smile. You’ll learn some new life skills in the process. Learn to be independent.

Those battling depression & never reaching out, take a first step. Talk to your near & dear ones, get the load off your chest; you’ll be surprised by how just having someone listen to you can make life easier. Learn to fight.